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90 County Route 42, Coxsackie, NY

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Greene County Historical Soceity

Gifts & Acquisitions for 2013

  • Genealogy and history books (from Carol Lamb)
  • Greenville Central School District Yearbooks from 1960, 1961 & 1963 (from Gayle Palmer)

  • Photographs of John Wood and several dictionaries (from Eberhard H. Volmar)

  • Voting records (from Hal Beaumont)

  • Powerpoint presentation on the construction of Empire Merchants North 1892 Greene County Directory, Diaries, 1911 Ledger, Photo albums, Saxe Family Bible (from the collections of William Van Vechten Jr.)

  • Rip Van Winkle, 1848 American Art Union for 1848 subscribers (from David M. Thompson)

  • Renssalaerville Baptist Association Minutes (from Robert & Marie Shaw)

  • DVD Seaman/Youmans pictures (from Russell Youmans)

  • The Catskill Mountain House by Roland VanZandt (from Rosemary E. Lambert)

  • Medway Christian Cemetery Association Minutes 1946-1989, Medway Congregational Christian Church Friday Night Club Minutes 1948-1949 (from Robert Hallock)

  • History of Greene County, New York 1788-1884 (from Mary Beth Renard)

  • Reports to the Homefront Nov 1860-Dec 1861, Jan 1862-Dec 1862 & Jan 1863-Dec 1863 by Regina Daly

  • Miscellaneous ephemera from his mother’s estate (from Anthony M. Appa)

  • Historical photographic materal including work of photographer Lydia Faulkner of Cairo NY, several panoramic photos, including one in front of Catskill Armory (from William and Ruth Day)

  • Menu from Skyline Restaurant and Terrace Lodge in Catskill NY (from Plainfield/Guilford Public Library in Indiana)

  • What’s Cookin in Catskill, NY, by Hose Co. No. 1 Ladies Auxiliary c. 1971 (from Ann Hallock)

  • Material from the Hickey family in Athens NY (from Linda Hunt)

  • 1927 Ledger (from Marie Kadlich)

  • Material from Catskill HS Chorus program “Elijah” (from Harrison Hunt)

  • May God in his Mercy Spare Our Lives by Sylvia Hasenkopf (from Cairo Historical Society)

  • Files on river men, resorts, real estate and houses, 1774-1820 surveyor notes - Athens & Madison mink patent papers, including photographs for early hairdressing appliances (from Barbara Rivette)

  • An Orange was for Christmas by Anita Lucretia West Thompson and Keep Smiling - Business is Bood by Barbara Thompson (from Barbara Tolley)

  • 46 color photographs - two row wampum, renewal campaign Flotilla from Albany to New York City (from Richard Martin)

  • 6 Christmas cards donated by the artist from Greene County Scenes (from Marilyn Carl)

  • Charles Dornbusch family photographs

  • Catskill Mountain Railroad Survey

  • 3 scrapbooks on Harvey/Ford family in Athens

  • One bill from E&R Briggs in Coxsackie c. 1870

  • Photograph of Charter Members & Officers of Eastern Star 1903 1904 Catskill NO. 293