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90 County Route 42, Coxsackie, NY

Phone: (518) 731-1033


Vedder Research Library

Owned and operated by the Greene County Historical Society, the Vedder Research Library houses the most comprehensive genealogical, historical and archival collection in Greene County.

The Vedder Research Library (VRL) collects, preserves, interprets, and makes accessible original material which records the history of Greene County, NY. It is not a lending library. VRL promotes public interest, understanding and enjoyment of the county's rich heritage. The Library aims to be a repository of selected materials, including:

  • local government records including County Supervisor's accounts and county court documents
  • personal and family papers of Greene County families, including Bronck (Bronk), Austin, Borthwick, Beach, Allen-DuBois-Decker, Dolan, Howland, Fox-Clark, Stone, Thomson-Cole, and Van Gelder-Pine
  • business records from railroads, cement and sand companies, insurance agents, general stores, physicians, farmers, and the the Catskill Mountain House
  • local church, organization, and justice of the peace records
  • genealogy materials, maps, and photographs

Built in 1994, the Vedder Research Library is a climate controlled building with a large, comfortable reading room. The library is equipped with microfilm readers and printers and a patron computer for searching the collection database. It is staffed by a professional librarian and knowledgeable volunteers to help you identify and find materials you need. The office of the Greene County Historian is also located in the building.

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What's available


The VRL's collections include printed genealogies, guides compiled by local genealogists, published vital records, cemetery inscriptions, and military records.

  1. Vital statistics: 18th, 19th and early 20th century; 14,000+ records
  2. Family names: various content and format filed by family name; 1,300+ folders
  3. Master Index to Certain Volumes of Vital Notices from, 1810-1885, Greene County Newspapers; 64,000+ names
  4. General Index to Greene County Surrogate Court Records 1800-1930. (1931 to present are located in the Greene County Courthouse)
  5. Greene County Cemeteries Index, 18 volumes
  6. Funeral Home Records: Brady (1890-1935), Deane and Deane (1885-1940), Millspaugh (1926-1940), Stevens (1888-1891)
  7. Indexes to Brady Funeral Home Records, years 1876 ? 1969
  8. State Censuses of Greene County: 1855, 1865, 1875, 1892, 1905, 1915, 1925
  9. Federal Censuses of Greene County: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
  10. Quaker Census: 1828
  11. Civil War Veterans - Greene County: unit, rank, date enlisted and discharged; 1,570+ names
  12. Ashland and Jewett townships genealogical data; 2,000+ 5x8 index cards For content see Alfred Hartwig Collection Index.
  13. Bronk Family Manuscripts ? Surname Guide

Local History

Books, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, ephemera, photographs and archival collections. Selected material from surrounding counties is also available.

  1. Holdings include local authors as well as books owned by local residents.
  2. Geographical & Proper names: village activities and events; folders Main vertical file folders
  3. Personal albums, family histories, diaries, notes; & Business, Church, Hotel, School records; volumes Manuscript volumes
  4. Newspapers loose and bound
  5. Newspapers on Microfilm: Cairo Herald (1924-1967); Catskill Record (1807-1895, 1987-1900, 1902-1905); Catskill Examiner (1858-1938); Greenville Local (1884-1917); Western Constellation (1800-1805); Windham Daily Journal (1857-1949)
  6. Maps and Atlases: including 1856 map of Greene County from actual surveys, measuring approximately six feet by three feet and documenting property owners throughout the County at that time.
  7. Photographs: nineteenth and twentieth century, arranged by subject
  8. Postcards: arranged by subject
  9. Greene County Historical Journal


The archival collections contain wide-ranging assortment of items such as business and farm ledger books, church and school records, local clubs and organizations records, diaries, letters, maps, menus, minutes, photographs, programs, scrapbooks, and telephone directories. It can be as small as one item and as large as dozens of boxes of material.

  1. Accumulations created by private individuals and/or by VRL staff, various content and format; Library oversize boxes
  2. Private accumulations, (including memorial Collections; 200+ boxes: photos, diaries, letters, documents, clippings Manuscript boxes
  3. Scrapbooks created by private individuals
  4. Various oversize documents, maps
  5. Bronck family 18th century papers; Guide to the Bronk Manuscripts; 91 pages, content arranged by subject in alphabetical order; Personal and family papers of such Greene County families like Austin, Borthwick, Beach, Allen-DuBois-Decker, Dolan, Howland, Fox-Clark, Stone, Thomson-Cole, and Van Gelder-Pine